21 September 2008


One does not go to Italy and not try the gelato, after all, it is the birthplace of it!
On ne va pas à l'italie et n'essaie pas la glace, après tout, elle est le lieu de naissance pour la glace!

I knew the gelato was going to be good, but I had no idea how much fun the display of all the gelato was!
J'ai su que la glace allait être bonne, mais je n'avais pas d'idée combien amusement l'étalage du gelato etait!

A tower of cones!

Look at that texture, mmm!

Just the store.

Add some crunch to your gelato, perhaps?

Now we move to Siena, where there are monster gelato mounds!

Too cute, too cute! They remind me of furbys.

Do you think you can finish all this gelato?

Fragola, my favorite!

Seeing gelato "standing up" is definitely a different experience.

And au revoir to the gelato!

Conclusion: I ate a lot of gelato. A lot. And it was worth it! The hardest part is deciding what flavor you want to try :( If you'd like to know more about what exactly makes gelato so special, I recommend reading this short article by David Lebovitz. In short, gelato uses less fat than normal ice cream, yet is much creamier and denser! Why is that? Well, it is churned slowly so no air is incorprated into the gelato. In ice cream, the air can double the amount of ice cream, creating more volume. In gelato's case, there no air is added, so the gelato does not inflate and instead remains creamy and dense. Because of this, it is also stored and served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream - so because it is less cold when you taste it, you get to taste more of the flavor instead of the coldness that sometimes freezes your tongue tastebuds.

One last tip: If you are ever in Italy, make sure sure sure you are eating gelato that is made in house! Lot's of restaurants get the gelato delivered, so make sure you get gelato that is made fresh instead of delivered. How to tell? Well, you will recognize delivered gelato because it is all the same brand, so once you see the same logo 3 or 4 times... you know it isn't fresh. But as long as you are getting gelato from a gelato only shop, it should be okay. It's the shops that sell a huge variety of things that you should avoid buying gelato from.

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