07 September 2008


Earlier I mentioned my goals. Cooking once a week was one of them. And so far, I have stuck to it.

Week #1 (Aug 26): Buckwheat crêpes with eggs, ham, gruyère cheese
Week #2 (Aug 30): Baked Tilapia with lemons, spinach, parsley, olive oil
Week #3 (Sept 5): Whole wheat linguine with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, diced chicken, parsley, smoked gouda, and herbes de provence

I didn't take pictures of week #1 and #2 because they I was lazy. Oh well, starting now, I will!

For the tilapia I needed a little bit of parsley - but I had to get a bunch. And now I'm trying to use it up. Therefore, a very simple linguine pasta! All I did was throw leftovers together, and voila, a tasty dinner! Zucchini was baked earlier in the week, and everything else was just thrown in.

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