30 September 2008

Pasticceria Zanin - A Venetian Delight!

In Venice, one can find a treasure that is Andrea Zanin... a patisserie that is not the usual Italian type full of traditional fare such as cannolis (tube shaped fried pastry dough filled with cream), sofficionas (nouget cakes), mostaccioli (spiced cookie), and more! Not that they are bad (they are delicious) but visually they don't do it for me. And they are very very filling.

Instead, I prefer pastry shops with light small refined cakes! And I was elated when I discovered Pasticceria Zanin! Located at San Marco 4589 in Campo San Luca, it is a cute bar style place (no sitting room) where you can order a drink and something to munch on while standing. Light and simple, my tummy was happy to take a break from all the rich desserts I had been munching on earlier. And of course I went on a major sugar high...

Sadly, not strawberry! This beautiful pink piece is actually raspberry with a hint of lemon.

Pistachio. It's the small details like the chocolate diagonal with the yogurt covered pistachio that make me swoon!

bite by bite it slowly disappeared.

Aside from cakes, there were also mini desserts! Too adorable.

Everyone's favorite... chocolate!

And the traditional, tiramisu.

A baby tart!

White chocolate with pistachio flavored cream.

A citrus flavored filling in a chocolate cup.

Just chocolate cream in a tart shell.

I guess there was a chocolate layer that I forgot about!

Mini mousses

He sells chocolate as well.

Not ALL of these were consumed by me. I swear. I dragged a lot of people here to expose them to the wonderfullness that is tiny desserts! And I like tiny, because tiny = more room in my stomach to taste more variety! And cheaper as well due to their size.

Andrea Zanin won the Italian Pastry Chef of the year for 2006, and he is an acclaimed choclatier as well! You can read about Mr. Andrea Zanin at Pasticceria Internazionale, an Italian sugar art magazine, or if you can read French or Italian, his member page in Relais Desserts, an exclusive patisserie organization. Unfortunately he does not have an official website, and there is not much information in English about him, but at least I have his cakes to show for it!

If I ever go back to Venice, i will definitely return here!

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