20 October 2008

Cookies from May

A pretty empty post content wise, just pictures of cookies that I made back in May. I haven't touched sugar cookies since, so although it's old, it's current as well.

a rubber duck
If you really want something... buy it. A few years ago, I spotted the cutest three dimensional cookie cutters from Williams-Somona. I want to say it was 2004... or 2005... I don't remember. But I do remember the cookie cutters. They cookie cutters that produced cookies that fit together to stand up. But at the time, I felt that... i think.... 20.00$ was too much for cookie cutters. (I'm just now realizing how difficult it is to write things by memory!) However, i never forget the cookie cutters, they were never far from my heart. And in 2008, I finally caved. I found them on ebay! I don't remember how much I paid, but I think with shipping it ended up being the same amount as the original retail price. So, i didn't lose money, only time, but it was okay, because now I was finally united with my dream cookie cutters! And so, here is one cookie from the set - a rubber duck and some water! The moral of the story is that, if you feel you really like something, maybe don't buy it right away, but at least buy it within the week if you feel you want it. Don't leave it to chance and ebay, although it worked for me!

Obama cookies
I made these for a friend's birthday. She's a huge Obama supporter, and these definitely made her happy! As I've learned, red is the toughest color in any art from. It's hard to get reds in glazes in ceramics, it's difficult to get a bright red patina on copper, red fades like crazy in photography... it's just a touch cookie to master, but when you do get it, it's worth it. Same with icing. The red gel coloring I was using kept turned out pink, I absolutely could not get the deep red. Until I used up the entire red gel coloring. An entire little bottle when all I usually need is a few dabs! But a worthy sacrifice for such a color.

side view
and you can see my uneven outlining skills.

The real birthday cookie! with my signature bow :)

birthday message
unfortunately, i can't spell. or count. but i can improvise! it's a good thing our brain doesn't need a complete word to understand the meaning, only the beginning, end, and vowels I think.

side view to get some depth!

mini cookies!
Mini cookies are my favorite because I like small things. For me, when things are smaller the cuteness factor shoots up. And I do love cute! Plus, they take less time, let me experiment more, and also are less calories! Yum!

Conclusion: My 2nd time doing royal icing and sugar cookies. I think this satisfied my fix because I haven't done this style of decoration since. I'm not a fan of doing things over and over again, but I'll eventually return to these cookies! I'm going to have to, because I've accepted a friend's request to make wedding cookies in May of next year. I can't wait!

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joanh said...

wow! that must have taken a long time, but they look really amazing.

you should check out VVG Bon Bon if you are still in Taipei.. just to see their goods.