31 October 2008

Deutsch im Blick

Is it sad that i'm excited to have discovered that there is now a sister site to ut's français interactif, Deustch im Blick? Actually, I'm too excited to care if it's sad or not. francais interactif is the online "textbook" used in the beginning French classes at UT Austin. It's how I learned French, and i really enjoyed using it to learn. They have tons of videos, tons of sound files, tons of ways to make you remember stuff. And for the grammar, they had a really cute story using various French speaking animals. And now there is a new German version! francais interactif was made in 06, this german one is made in 08, and already I can see the technological improvements. (Especially in the videos - less noise, yay!) My only complaint so far is that the person reading the vocabuary doesn't leave a lot of time to repeat after them. But perhaps German is spoken faster than French?

I'd already decided that i was going to start learning German by September 09. I actually wanted to start it next semester, Jan 09, but I decided to instead take another French class and continue with that. I want to have a stronger control of French before I deviate and forget everything, like I did with Spanish. Their website isn't done yet, but from what I've peeked at, I love it! This time, instead of a french animal love triangle, it uses characters from grimm's fairy tales in a modern setting. And I love love fairy tales. I really enjoyed using francais interactif, so I know for sure I'm going to love the heck out of Deustch im Blick! And once I master German, I'll return to Spanish! I love how happy languages make me.

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