05 October 2008

Inspirations de Venise: le Bijoux et le Verre

Venise! Quand je traînais dans les rues déroutantes à Venise, je m'arrêtais souvent et dévisageais les belles choses dans les vitrines.
Venice! When I was roaming the confusing streets in Venice, I often stopped myself and stared at the beautiful things in the windows.
威尼斯! 我在威尼斯的路上跑来跑去,我常常會停在窗戶前面看一看。

J'aime ce collier asymétrique.
I like this assymetrical necklace.

J'apprécie aussi la perlage compliquée.
I also enjoy the intricate beadwork.

les détails!
the details!


Hmm, il me rappelle le perlage japonais que je faisais!
Hmm... it reminds me of the japanese beadweaving stuff I used to do!

Le perlage japonais utilise beaucoup de cristal Swarovski.
Japanese beadweaving uses lots of Swarovski crystals.

Bleu et brun - ce sont un de ma combinaison favourite﹗
Blue and brown - one of my favorite combinations!
藍色跟咖啡色 - 一對顏色我非常喜歡﹗


des oies verres
glass geese

un presse-papier
a paperweight

un lustre
a chandelier

j'aime la symétrie aussi.
i love symmetry too.

des dessins rayonnants en verre
radiating patterns in glass

des rayures!

j'aime comment vos yeux ne sont jamais ennuyés
i like how your eyes are never bored

Venice has a truly unique feeling - no other city on earth is a walking city except for Venice. You definitely like you are Casanova himself as you explore and get lost. Getting lost is the best feeling in Venice, because every corner is something fun and exciting! It's also very touristy, which can be very tiring at times as you can rarely escape the crowds. And everything here is so extravagant, there's no end to the embellishments in the windows with their curtains, on the ceilings with the chandeliers, or the masks with their feathers and sparkles and diamonds and... whew! There is always something to see.

On a side note. I'm going to fail all my classes because I like to bake, blog, and study French. I'm registered for a French placement test in ten days and I am freaking out - it's a long story, but basically I want to be in a more advanced French class because it is less hours, and I feel as if the self studying I've done on my own might make the class I'm supposed to be in too slow and boring for me. French 506 was slow enough, and I rather not sit through an entire semester of things I've already reviewed on my own. But what if I haven't really learned it well enough and I'm being dumb by trying to skip? I guess I will see in two weeks!

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