17 October 2008


One of my greatest pleasures in life is writing to my penpals, my friends, and my family. And by writing, i don't mean through email - I mean with a pen, on a sheet of paper, sealed in an envelope, and sent off with stamps.

I will probably never again see these envelopes and letters once I mail them, but that is the beauty - Once I send them off, they begin their own journey. Whether they end up in the trash or treasured forever, I don't mind not knowing.

I think personal touch is missing in our hectic modern lives, and I love the slowness of every step in writing and reading a letter.

The simple pleasures I love, in no particular order.
1. buying the stamps at the post office
2. having to calculate the postage and make it exact with various stamps
3. looking at stationary and deciding what to get
4. writing with a pen
5. peeling the stamp / licking the stamp
6. sealing the envelope
7. dropping them off into a mail box
8. sitting down and writing
9. receiving a letter!
10. reading the letter - i savor each moment, never rush it
11. signing my name once i finish writing a letter
12. folding the paper in half to make it fit into the envelope
13. deciding what color pen to write with
14. writing the date on my letters
15. seeing the stamps that the postal services add to the envelope
16. writing in a different language

16 things that make me happy from one simple task!

A good penpal website I use is Interpals. Just make you use common sense when deciding who to be penpals with. It's just like any other online community, but I've found some gems through it!

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joanh said...

i love sending and getting real mail too. plus i have to use up the ton of stationary i've accumulated through the years. but getting people to write back is tough these days.