25 October 2008

snacking in venice

I am a snacker. I much prefer having a bite of everything rather than everything of one thing. Everytime I turned my head in Venice, I saw something new and enticing, so what follows are all the yummy things I found.

The last dinner I had with my photography group at Il Ridotto. According to the journal I kept, the fish was 16 euros... but i didn't write what kind of fish it was. I do remember, however, that it had scales. Which I didn't know you weren't supposed to eat until I thought it was really uncomfortable when those scales scratched my throat.

fried goodness
lots of various fried things... i remember a lot of them being squishy. note to self, instead of just taking pictures and taking business cards, start writing down what you ate so you actually remember...

somebody got dessert so i took a picture of it! isn't it pretty?

Now, this I remember! These toasted bits of bread are served as bar snacks to keep you drinking - but I had them for lunch instead because they are cheap at about 1.50 euro a piece. They are bite sized, and are just sprawled out for you to pick. The one on the very left is radicchio and gamberetti, which according to google is some sort of leafy green and shrimp. They were all delicious!

I love nothing more than eating fresh fruit, especially then they aren't shipped from California! Italian strawberries in italy = perfect combo for me.

have your pick of meat.
This was taken at a little "grocery" store on the island of Burano. They had raw meat for you to take home, cheeses to pick, some dried foods, but most importantly, you could pick a bread, pick a meat, and they'd slap together a sandwich for you. Actually, this style of eating is common all over Italy when you want a nice cheap meal. However, this place made the most delicious sandwich I had in all of Italy. The people were so nice, and I miss it so! Had i not had to take a boat there, I would have eaten there every day.

smoked mozzerella
my FAVORITE. I could eat these all day. from the shop mentioned above. With my sandwich, I had some cheese!

more yummy mysteries
same shop on Burano, sides to pick from.

cheese! who doesn't love cheese?
The shop is called Antica macelleria gastronomia Rosso di Rosso Alessandro. If you ever find yourself on Burano, have a wonderful sandwich here! They are located at Via S. Mauro 19, 30146 Burano (ve), TEL. 041730022. And aside from the food being delicious, the people there were so down to earth and happy to talk! I think being away form all the tourists of Venice also made me enjoy Burano so much.

you will see these everywhere. basically, it's shaved ice, but very fine bits of ice so it's smooth and not chunky at all. they come most often in fruity flavors, such as lemon or orange, but sometimes you can find other flavors. it's a very refreshing treat/drink

chocolate bread?

a cake
I wish I had had an opportunity to eat one of these. Unfortunately, I wasn't going to buy a whole cake just to have one slice! So i don't really know what's inside it, or what it tastes like, but at least I can admire the outside.

fruit marzipan
aren't they pretty? they're not real fruit, nor are they plastic, but they are marzipan! Marzipan consists of sugar and almond meal, and in America it's often used to sculpt 3d objecs on cakes because it's easily moldable. In Italy, they are shaped and painted into fruit, and are called Frutta martorana. According to this website, they were used to decorate trees by nuns to impress a visiting clergyman, and because of the success many new forms and shapes emerged. Now, they are enjoyed as treats! I'll admit that I didn't try one (ate too many other things!) but I was definitely attracted to their vibrant colors.

another cake!
yet another thing i didn't eat. i'm going to guess it's chocolate, and that it tastes delicious!

if only I had room in my stomach! but I did enjoy looking at the pattern on the side.

sometimes, a simple sandwich is all I need to be happy! tuna and egg, if I remember.

giant pistachio cookie! how often do you see a big green cookie? not often! this was filled with raisins and almonds. and it was not very sweet, which I enjoyed. but it was definitely too big for me!

italian marshmallows are gorgeous! just think about our funny american cylinder shaped ones and then look at this ribbony pink one!

just a shot into a pretty tea room on the San Marco Plaza. I never went in, but I always looked inside at the people sipping cafe and eating desserts!


sweets counter
My favorite! I love how if you stand there, you are encircled completely by beautiful desserts.

pink cuteness
I thought this was strawberry chocolate, topped with a white dot with mini sprinkles.

pink sliced open
until I bit into it! It was a mini layered cake! i love unexpected surprises.

Conclusion: Did you notice... no gelato!? Don't worry, I did eat it, but I wanted to show other yummy things from Venice! I wanted to try as many different things as I could, and that's not hard to do when all the windows have something delicious looking. What I miss most, however, is that little store on the island of Burano.

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