01 November 2008

J'ai reçu un paquet / I received a package / 我收到了一包信

Who doesn't enjoy walking out to their mail box, putting their key in, twisting it, opening the door while holding their breath in hopes that there is something there? Most of the time it is junk mail or bills, but occassionaly there is something special: a postcard, a letter, or the best yet, a package!

Today I opened up my mailbox to find this:

a large brown envelope from my mother

inside contained two bags of dried fruit and forwarded mail from my penpals! one from Taiwan, and one from France. love love love.



What's so special about these particular dried fruit? They're homemade by my mom! Ever since tasting dried kiwi in France, I had serious cravings for it back in the USA. Except that dried kiwi does not exist in stores here. I searched every grocery store, every speciality store - and zip, nada. So we got a new toy, the dehydrator. And I cannot wait to go home for Thanksgiving so i can start experimenting with it! My mom's already made beef jerky, kiwi (of course), apples, strawberries, persimmon... she's having so much fun, and I want to join in too! Soon, soon.