30 November 2008

life is magnifique

i know, i haven't blogged in a while. My priorities were: health, life, school. then it became health, school, life. and now it is school, health, life. but, its okay - once this week is over + 1 final, i'm DONE! until next semester.

but i did want to take a moment to share my favorite photo this year. maybe not my all time favorite photo, but it is up in the top 5 - mainly due to content and where i am in life right now.

i present to you, an ad taken from a french newspaper...

it has. GORGEOUS dress. and PASTRIES. hanging on trees! life is indeed magnificent!
the moment i saw this photo, i asked the hotel clerk, "what do you do with the newspaper at the end of the day..."
and his reply was "it's yours, mademoiselle."

i taped it into my journal, and i will forever treasure it. there's nothing better when you see things that confirm your passions in life!

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