15 December 2008

Berry Milk: My favorite cake shop!

I love cake shops. And I love how in Taiwan, there is one on every corner, sometimes even more. Each bakery is unique in their style and I go crazy knowing I only have one stomach and can't eat it all. Plus, there are the bread shops... so it's always, cake, or bread?

However, one bakery stands out as my favorite because of one very very obvious reason for anyone who knows me: strawberries. All of their cakes use the strawberry in some form. And that is all it takes to make me swoon! And now that I've got 30 days in taiwan, it shouldn't be an issue to try all of their cakes, should it? I present to you, Berry Milk!

It's all in the packaging.

layered strawberry cake
The basic: a vanilla cake layered with a cream and strawberry filling, and topped with a mirror glaze as well as a thin piece of chocolate and strawberries!

strawberry and raspberry cream puff

another layered cake, but without whole strawberries in the filling

Anchored by whipped cream and cake at the bottom, then a layer of apples (! i didn't expect that), some pink mousse, and topped with little cookie bits, a strawberry, and a chocolate straw!

Conclusion: 4 down, 15-ish more to go? Not distinct only to Berry Milk, but it is the subtleties of flavors that I enjoy so much in Taiwanese cakes. They are not overpoweringly sweet or rich, so you really get to enjoy the flavors and textures without feeling sick or on a sugarhigh afterwards. I promise to branch out to different cake shops later, but I always have to visit this one first!

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Lena said...

WOW all those cakes look delicious! I love strawberries too.

I love food blogs and came across yours one day and have enjoyed reading! Thanks for the interesting and fun posts!