25 December 2008

christmas eve and christmas day

i had a most perfect christmas eve and christmas day. I spent it doing what I love most: baking and sharing, in a city i love: taipei.

between a choice of a 5 day trip to the philippines or 3 private baking lessons....... i can only afford one splurge, so i picked the baking lessons (plus, cheaper than the trip). and they are so so worth it. other parts of asia can wait, because at this point i value knowledge more than beautiful beaches.

oh... i also splurged on one more thing. another lens: the 50mm f1.8 lens that gives me beautiful blurs! taipei's bo-ai rd is the street to go to for anything camera related! shop after shop of nothing but camera related goods. but make sure you ask at least 5 different stores the prices for the thing you want so you know what the lowest price is.

after i made lots of bread today, I gave most of it away. because that is what you are supposed to do with food, and nothing makes me happier than seeing people enjoy the things I make, especially when they are edible.

i'm working on translation and writing down everything I learned, so in time I hope to have a more detailed post up!

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joanh said...

wow! were the baking lessons in taipei? that is soo cool! i'd love to hear where.

plus awesome lens addition! i've heard the 50 is the best one for closeups.