24 December 2008

christmas trees / les sapins de noël / 聖誕樹

In America, we all put up christmas trees in our homes and decorate the house with lights. But we also spend a lot of time at our homes as they are large and comfortable.

In Taiwan, houses are rare and most people live in small apartments or condos so there really isn't the space to decorate. Taiwan is also big on walking and public transit; people are out and about quite often. So there are a ton of christmas trees outside in Taiwan - you'll see them underground, on the streets, in stores, in restaurants - everywhere! It's a nice way to let everyone enjoy the x-mas spirit.

In an underground shopping street. This one is pretty typical, nothing really special.

In Taipei 101. This christmas tree has "gears" with xmas motifs as well as yellow lights running inside of it. Very original, don't you think?

Outside of Taipei 101. Just look at the color, I think it's pretty obvious who sponsored this tree.

Inside Taipei 101 again - this one changes colors continuously! I really like it when the trees deviate from the normal xmas trees I am used to.

The best for last. In a coffee shop in SOGO shopping mall. Aren't they beautiful? The repetitive teardrop pattern combined with the feathers on the bottom row, and the cut out patterns on the top ones - so, so pretty!

I'm not having a very traditional xmas - (it's not even an official holiday here in taiwan! people love it because its fun, but don't really celebrate it like we do in the states) - but it's okay, because i love being in Taiwan! i hope everybody else out there has a wonderful xmas eve and xmas day!

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