19 December 2008

Louise by Aunt Stella's / Louise露薏蕬咖啡

Loise by Aunt Stella's / Louise露薏蕬咖啡

Right outside of the Zhongshan metro shop, you can enjoy some afternoon tea at Louise by Aunt Stella's. I think Aunt Stella's is mainly a cookie company that sells mainly for weddings/gifts/birthdays/etc, but "Louise" is their cafe where you can sit and eat cake. And sit and eat I did, yum! This particular one is outside along the sidewalk so as long as the weather is nice you can enjoy the sights and sounds of all the people walking around.

Name: Fresh Fruits Cake
Price: 480NT = 14.76USD = 10.36EURO
Comments: I didn't actually eat this, but I love itanyway because it's pink and has strawberries. And I think the shape is interesting too. I am guessing it is a tart, topped with a cake, then topped with fruit? I only wish they made a smaller version so I could try some! But it's definitely given me some ideas for mixing tarts and cakes, which I never would have considered until I saw this. What's also driving me nuts is how I can see a little bit of white cream peeking out - and I can only wonder, what else is hiding inside this cake?

Name: Matcha Redbean & Condensed Milk Cake / 抹茶紅豆 / mo3 cha2 hong2 dou4 / lit: matcha red bean
Price: 95NT = 2.92USD = 2.05EURO
Comments: I love green! Isn't this cake so pretty? The combination of red bean and matcha is your typical chinese flavor. I wanted to get this but I opted for the Mont Blanc, which you shall see later.

Name: Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Fruit
Price: 95NT = 2.92USD = 2.05EURO
Comments: Kiwis, oranges, strawberries, some other fruits I can't remember... a very typical chinese cake!

All the pretty cakes to pick from... I hate making decisions!

Name: Cheesecake / 大理石起士 / da4 li3 shi2 qi3 shi4 (I actaully don't understand this chinese name at all... but it was what was on the name card. It literally translates to big logical rock stand up gentleman??????????? actually, i understand the last 2 characters. "qi shi" sounds like "cheese" so that part makes sense. but not so sure about the first 3.)
Price: 95NT = 2.92USD = 2.05EURO
Comments: Tasted just like a typical cheesecake! Not as light as Taiwanese style, but not as heavy as Cheesecake Factory style, just a very good and yummy cheesecake.

Name: Mont Blanc / 蒙布朗 / mang4 bu4 lang3 (say it... name makes sense now, doesn't it?)
Price: 95NT = 2.92USD = 2.05EURO
Comments: What I chose! I was fighting between this one and the matcha one, but my curiosity about what was inside the mont blanc won. It had a pretty dense cake base, then a chiffon style cake layered with cream on top that was covered by the swirl of cream you see here. Then they topped it with a real chestnut as well as a chocolate straw, how cute.

Name: Strawberry Parfait / 草莓題拉米蘇 / cao3 mei2 ti2 la1 mi3 su1
Price: 95NT = 2.92USD = 2.05EURO
Comments: How can you go wrong with cream + cake + strawberries? You can't, that's why!

Forgive me, this is an awful shot of the fruit tea (it's empty now and all that's left is the fruit). You can get it either hot or cold (we got it hot) and it is tea with apples, pineapples, lemons, and oranges. I usually don't like tea but this was delicious! Just a note, you have to get it in a pot, so make sure you are with someone to split it with. Or, just come very thirsty.

Conclusion: I think Americans would like the cakes here. They are sweeter than most cakes here in Taiwan, and the cakes are slightly denser, which is closer to what we have in the US. A wee bit more expensive than other cakes in taipei, but still very cheap if you are converting from american dollars... and even cheaper if you are coming from europe! I'm so happy to not be blowing 5-7 euros on slices of cakes anymore! The atmosphere here is very nice as well as it is next to a subway station so it's great for people watching.

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