30 December 2008

lunch at my aunt's, part 1

I've forgotten how nice it is to be a passenger in a car. not having to worry about taking a wrong turn, getting off at a wrong stop... it's very peaceful and a nice break! I went to visit my uncle and aunt's home in the outskirts of Taipei, where it is quieter and less hectic than the city center. And with it raining, it made a perfect setting for a homemade meal by my aunt. I got the lovely opportunity to watch, absorb, learn, photograph, and most importantly, eat!

First up, I don't know if it has a name, but a chicken broth that has lots of sake and ginger.

Chop the ginger and smash them with the side of a large flat knife. This part is loud. Bam bam bam!

Cut your chicken up into large chunks.

Heat up some sesame oil.

In a separate pot, boil your chicken for a bit.

Throw your ginger into the wok with the sesame oil and let it sizzle.

Take your chicken out of the boiling water.

Add it to the ginger and sesame oil mix

Add the sake. Lots of it.

After it' cooked for a while and the chicken is nice and brown, move it to a crockpot.

Dump in the rest of liquid from the wok, as well as adding more sake. And maybe some water, I think. (I wasn't paying very good attention!)

the rest of the meal, which includes another soup, veggie sides, and a pancake noodle thing in part 2. coming next year. because I am heading to the south for 5 days! and when I get back, I also hope to get some memory/ram added to my computer as it's driving me crazy how long it takes to load photos/resize them.

Happy Early New Year!

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joanh said...

i think the chinese name is "ma yo ji" or sesame oil chicken soup, but they do put a lot of rice wine in it!