29 December 2008

piles of bread

looks good, doesn't it? cream puffs and sweet breads, yummy yum yum! too bad it's all fake!

If i weren't so bad at these types of games, I definitely would try to win one! but i have never never been successful at these so it wasn't even worth trying. Taiwan has lots of underground shopping streets, and they are filled with food, cheap clothing/shoes, useless trinket shops, accessory shops, and machines like this. all to make your walk home much more interesting and fun... and much harder to keep my wallet full! really - walking in america is no fun, there is nothing to see. but here, you can 1) avoid rain, 2)avoid traffic lights and being run over by cars and motorcycles, 3) snack as you walk, 4) shop as you walk. that 20 min walk home seems more like 5 min when you walk in one of these. of course, being underground is not as good as fresh air, but then again, i'm not so sure if being above ground is any better thanks to the pollution.

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