17 January 2009

des nuages de la france / clouds of france

I know I just got back from Taiwan, but all I've been doing is immersing myself in French dessert cookbooks, so I find myself missing France at the moment.

Of course I miss the people, language, food, etc, but what I really miss are... the clouds, les nuages.

they were always so poofy and large. but more importantly, they were so low that I always felt I could touch them as long as I just raised my arm. in texas we have clear skies most of the time, and the clouds are tiny, thin, and very high up in the sky.

i just miss feeling close to the sky and the idea of clouds being only inches away from me. I was also very lucky because not once did it rain in Paris for me. My host there told me that Parisians are already grumpy, and when it rains, they become even grumpier. But I actually didn't experience any grumpy Parisians, so I think I would enjoy the rain in Paris :)

PS: puff pastry. millefeuilles. madeleines. financiers. genoise cake. chantilly cream. <------ this is what happens when you don't have an oven for 5 weeks. pictures soon, yay!

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