11 January 2009

goodbye, taiwan

i've been here for 33 days... (note, don't go over like I did or you will have to pay 5000NT like I did to get an extension)

and i've enjoyed every moment, savored every bite, and although i am leaving my new friends, i'm exciting to be returning to my old ones.

it doesn't here if I am here for 1 week or 1 month, it always feels too short when I leave.

HOWEVER, i am also happy to once again know what an empty stomach feels like. mmm, microwaved frozen meals... (how i've missed you, amy's palak paneer and matar paneer!) and to go jogging and push those lungs while dropping some kilos.

But I am ready to tackle my last semester of college! (and finally get to watch Benjamin Button)

I also seriously underestimated how much I stuff I bought. I hope it doesn't go over too much..

I'll be back for sure! And I still have many stories and photos to share, so this little blog will still get lots of Taiwan moments.

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