26 January 2009

recettes élémentaires / basic recipes

recettes élémentaires

from mes desserts préférés by pierre hermé, the back of the book contains all the basic recipes i'm going to do. if there's a strikethough, it means i've done it!

génoise - a basic sponge cake. check.
la meringue - i've made this for macarons, but never alone.
la pâte à biscuit cuillers - ladyfingers.
pâte a biscuit chocolat sans farine - a flowerless chocolate cookie?
la pâte à tarte ou pate brisee - pie crust
la pâte sucrée - tart dough
pâte à la cannelle - a cinnamon sweet dough?
pâte feuilletée inversee - inverse puff pastry.
crème anglaise - sweet pouring custard
crème pâtissière à la vanille - yellow pastry cream. (filling for choux, eclairs)
crème au beurre à la vanille - buttercream? I hope it's not like american buttercream!
crème au citron - lemon cream
pommes de vingt heures - 20 hour apples? i'm nmot sure if these are to eaten by themselves or used in a recipe. possibly both.
le jus de fraise - strawberry sauce!
la sauce au chocolat - chocolate sauce
glaçage au chocolat - chocolate icing
glaçage transparent - clear icing?
le sirop a imbiber - a soaking syrup?
dorure à l'œuf - an egg glaze, i think

i love this. i kill 2 birds one with stone: improve my baking skills/learn new baking things PLUS improve my french. can't be beat! i love combining the things i love. AND a third bird is, its for school as well since I've decided to use edibles as my medium to work with for art :) there will be beautiful (edible) creations made....

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doggybloggy said...

looks like you are killing all the birds with one stone...I wish I could do that