14 January 2009

reunited with my oven

the joy of traveling backwards in time! I had to switch planes 2 times, which is always a pain, but it had a very nice plus: I was able to see 2 sunsets and 2 sunrises in four different cities within 24 hours. Taipei sunrise, Tokyo sunset, Los Angeles sunrise, and Dallas sunset. All very beautiful.

More importantly, I am home. A home that has an oven. An oven I have missed very much! I was twitching in Taipei because my grandmother's kitchen doesn't have an oven. So I had to get my bake on immediately once I was back home.

a traditional taiwanese treat, called "tai4 yan bing" - more on this later.

I was feeling lazy. So one destroyed vanilla cake (box mix)...

and lots of destroyed kiwis and bananas... (PS, I recently discovered that the skin was edible. at first I was hesitant, but now I'm used to it and my life is much easier because i don't have to eat kiwis with a spoon anymore!)

and a box of vanilla pudding with gelatin added...

tada! a trifle in cake form! i guess the official name would be "vanilla pudding cake with kiwis and bananas."

this was all yesterday. right now, i'm making puff pastry, the inverted pierre herme way. I hope it turns out okay!

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françoise said...

Thank you very much for your comment (praliné) on my blog. It pleased me a lot and it also encourages me. Bravo for your blog and good continuation !