08 January 2009


There are many reasons why I like this photo:

Tainan, Taiwan - Jan 2009

First off, I guess it's a continuation of this picture which I took in Caen, France:

Caen, France - July 2008

I never go out with the mission of shooting people on scooters... but it just happens unconsciously. I think there are lots of interesting things that happen on scooters, and coming from a place where they are rare, I like to document them when I see something interesting. And now I have lots of scooter pictures. I can see this becoming a series - so I'll start paying attention more now!

I like the Caen photo purely for the composition. But let's go back to the Tainan photo because I like it a lot. There's a lot of cultural humor, so the more you understand the Chinese culture, the funnier the photo will be.

1. It is illegal to not wear a helmet in Taiwan. If two people are riding and one person isn't wearing one, both people still get fined. So if one person isn't wearing a helmet, then the one who is isn't safe from a fine just because he/she is wearing one. Both have to pay up. I've seen some pretty pathetic attempts at "faking" it, such as wearing a jacket hoodie or a baseball cap. Fail, fail, fail. it just isn't worth it! However, in the South on the rural roads... the cops don't care as much. But it's still funny that they both are blatantly ignoring the law.

2. She's not just eating a quick snack or finger food. She's eating a lunchbox! Complete with vegetables, rice, meat, etc. And note she's using chopsticks. Amazing. When I ride a scooter, I'm always clutching the back handle.

3. I wasn't able to capture this, but between bites she was feeding the driver. Yes, she'd reach forward, grab some food, hold it front of his mouth, and he'd eat it. All while driving.

4. Her happiness. Don't we all feel that happy when we eat?

5. It just really sums up the Taiwanese attitude toward eating: food is serious stuff! There's no fast easy food in her hand, she's eating a real meal - there's no excuse for bad food!

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reineke said...

Donorcycle - nursing slang for a motorcycle.

In 2004 they tried to pass a law in California and New Mexico that would have required all motorcyclists who wished to ride without a helmet to be organ donors.