09 January 2009

Sneaky Shots: Crown and Fancy Bakery / 金鑛咖啡

I love Crown and Fancy (金鑛咖啡) here in Taiwan. A lot of bakeries here are very similiar, and although they all taste delicious to me, I have to admit I can't really tell the difference since they are carbon copies of one another. In asian culture, if something makes money, you can guarantee it will be copied ASAP. However, I can always spot Crown and Fancy meters away- they have a very distinct look that makes them stand out. Their whole style is very sleek and neat - pure visual delight! Their products are not crowded, and are always pristine and perfect looking. There isn't a stray strand of icing or a lopsided piece of fruit to be found on their products.

They sell savory bread. This was basically my love, pao de queijo - brazilian cheese bread with tapioca to give it that extra chew. However, they added he asian touch of green onion, which only made me love it more!

Decisions, decisions!

but i can't spend that much time on bread and savories because i'm drawn to the individual desserts. just admire those perfect white chocolate swirls on these baby raspberry cakes.

i love single portions. sometimes, a bite is all we need.

the gloss! the shine! and i love how it's only half, because if the whole thing were covered like that, it'd be overkill. a perfect balance, I think.

middle sized cakes, for 4 people, or 1 very hungry hungry person. i love the chocolate box on the right.

the biggies.

I think it's dried mangos on the side.

the chocolate work on this one is stunning!

pink. i love pink because it -usually- signals one thing: strawberries. and i love love love strawberries.

Conclusion: as always, if only I had more time or more stomachs to try it all! I think Crown and Fancy stands out for how good their desserts look as well as how they choose to display them. Yum for the stomach and the eyes!


reineke said...

I hope you didn't mistakenly buy a plastic one :) Honestly, if there's one thing I miss about the Old World it's the bread. Ok, I can think of a few other things as well... I found your blog editing my profile and fantasizing about crunchy bread.

Great, now I have to actually go out and buy some poor excuse for a baguette.

joanh said...

ah yes, the chewy breads do taste like brazilian bread! thanks for reading my blog and commenting! looking forward to seeing more food posts on your blog!