06 January 2009

televisions and taiwan

Sometimes america is very advanced and forward. but not always. i'm kind of amazed by the amount of televisions located in very convenient spots here in taiwan.

this tv was integrated so well into the taxi that I didn't even notice it until halfway through the ride.

I went to get my hair cut in Ximending - this was no high end salon, (ximending is an area aimed at students, so there are tons of clothing shops and cheap eats and fashion related things). my haircut was only NT320, about 13.00 USD. and they had televisions for each person, not just the entire place! (not to mention, when they wash your hair, they not only wash it, they massage your head too. I really didn't need a haircut, but it's always fun to get it cut in Taiwan. but I will be regretting it when I get back to the cold in texas...)

another tv in a taxi, this time in the back seat.

Another place that amazed me that had TVs but I didn't take a picture of: the dentists office. no, not in the waiting room. In the actual patient chair where the dentist is working on your teeth! Not only can he look (digitally) at your xrays, check your records, you can watch tv too while he's drilling away...! and it's a tv that's integrated as part of the chair, not a tv that is sitting on a stand somewhere far away. Where is this in America???

Now, I'm waiting for a country to install tv's in bathroom stalls! But I bet that already exists, japan most likely.


reineke said...

Actually, China is a leading manufacturer of waterproof bathroom TVs. In Japan you are more likely to find hidden cameras :)

csquad said...

nice to know! japan still ranks #1 for me for most comfortable bathrooms though!

joanh said...

yes i love the mini massage and the hairstyling with the hairwashes here! they even have tv's at the kid's haircut places :)