04 January 2009

This Year

I began this year in Taiwan. It's the country of parents and I love the complete 180 of culture and tradition that I am able to immerse myself into. I also love being loved - by my grandma, my relatives, and now, my own Taiwanese friends. I'm here for 8 short more days, but I know they will be amazing.

I'm going to spend a good portion of it back in the US, in Texas, finishing college and pursuing my loves. Note I am not focusing on the result, which would be a job or money. I'm just going to continue to do things that I enjoy, which I know will take me to whereve I am supposed to be.

when people ask me what i will do when I graduate, I usually answer "not sure yet." but, I do know. it just takes a lot of talking and it's also not very traditional, so I don't feel like explaining myself. but the idea very simple: pursue what I love. and that is: baking, desserts, food, photography, jewelry, metals, travel, french, chinese, books, stationary, art, food styling, bakeries, watching people cook, talking to people, fabric, patterns... Yep. it'll work out. Just watch!

And I hope that at the end of the year, I'll be in France. But I won't know until May. I don't like talking about things that aren't certain because I'm afraid I'll jinx myself - but I'm so excited about the possibility of even going that I don't feel it's right to not talk about it. It's consumed such a large part of me that there isn't any point in ignoring it - after all, nothing I can do now can affect the result in May. Back in November, I submitted my application for a teaching assistantship program in France. It fit me perfectly - I wanted nothing more than to return to a country whose language, culture, people, and food I had fallen in love with. And more than that, I wanted to share my own love for the language, culture, people, and food of America and Taiwan with the people of France.

Even the title of this blog - la prochaine fois means "the next time." because I knew there would be a next time that I would be able to return to france. and a bit of me wanted to use this blog to get me there, partly inspired by how people such as tucker max of rudius media and fanny of foodbeam were able use blogs to help them pursue their own dreams.

so i'm still figuring out the direction of the blog. it's heavily food based, but I also like to talk about my art, my progress in languages, or share photos of pretty things. and every now and then, talk about my future, like this post now. this blog is just a start, and it's still only the beginning.

and so my resolution for 2009 is: keep going!

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nicisme said...

Happy New Year!
And I wish you all the best and hope you manage to go to France. You are very talented!