15 February 2009

<3 day 2009

as usual, i had a perfect valentine's day - spent with other single friends watching movies! of course a boyfriend would be more ideal, but at least I have friends!

i have not touched water colors since elementary school with those crayola packs. a friend was working on some paintings, and i had the urge to join in. and join in i did, and I painted away my sorrows.

no, i wasn't sorrowful because of love, but because of rejection. rejection from the senior art show.

but it's okay. i'm used to lots of art related rejections, and I was of course bummed, but it will still be an amazing show because there are still lots of fantastic people in it.

and painting helped. i felt so much better after making these silly little paintings :)
rejection happens, but it happens for a reason - funnily enough, I had watched this video earlier in the day.

and i am all inspired to paint now! i bought myself a little water color kit as well as a tiny notepad. i'm in love with these purses. and who knows what valentine's day next year will be like!

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