04 February 2009

back in the darkroom

i'm back in the darkroom... and it feels good! toxic chemicals, anxiety of wondering if a film was rolled and developed correctly, shining light on a piece of paper, anxiousness of waiting for a print to show up.... it's nice to be able to go back and forth between traditional and digital.

I've been developing photos that I took this past summer from europe, and pattern/abstract wise, here are six of my favorites so far.

rouen, france
-i spent a day here. and i absolutely adored looking at all the lines on the buildings. it seems chaotic at first, but its all actually very orderly. plus, my french teacher is from here!

fontaine de vaucluse, france
this little little place in the south of france is a paper lovers haven. they make paper here using the force of the clearest water i've ever seen in my life. anyway, this is a shot of one of the machines that makes the pulp for papermaking.

fontaine de vaucluse, france
algae growing on the water mill.

hmm... i forgot where this was! i'll have to check the negatives to see. But I adore how the angles work out perfectly with the composition.

paris, france
Absolutely gorgeous gorgeous ribbon display at mokuba. I could browse all day!

I also don't remember where this was. Or what it is of. But i still love it nonetheless.

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