22 February 2009

back in time to 1938

i stumbled upon this gem today at the library: issues of baker's review from 1938. i'm not sure if this magazine is still around today, but it nice to get a feeling of what baking was like back then.

an ad for lemon juice

ads for bakers to use in local newspapers, for free!

the cover

the days bakeries had store fronts, or rather, the days we actually had bakeries!

i love their very terse solutions

another jingle ad

flour companies i don't think exist anymore

my favorites were the cartoons

what a lovely display!

pillsbury is definitely still around, but the doughboy didn't appear to after 1965.

another fun comic

doughnuts, yum

that is a beautiful whisk

a picture promoting the consumption of milk through bread

a cute yeast ad

i wouldn't mind having some of those containers!

stumbling upon old stuff is definitely the best.

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