28 February 2009


i love collections. so for the first part of my photography project, i am documenting collections.

the harry ransom center has the most gorgeous windows ever, frosted with all sorts of historical goodness. one of the librarians there has a lovely collection of plastic toys on her desk, so I got permission to photograph them. however, I used film so those will appear later. (random: the building in the back is the French department! Yay!)

the windows are especially nice in the early morning, when you get beautiful shadows.

i am starting to build my collection of food props. we'll start with ikea, because it's cheap and i'm not really ready to invest in stuff from crate and barrel or williams sonoma. it is amazing how refreshing it is to have a new plate and placemat for food photography as well as for eating. but now i realize what i really want is a matte black plate.

a friend led me to a new friend with lots of books who also has an amazing collection of rubiks cubes.

i shot a lot in film, but i felt i needed to have color photos for some of them because the colors were too pretty!


jane said...

Dear Cathy,
I'm obsessed with fashion, baking (oh my God those cakes!), and Rubik's cubes, and your photo of them inspired me to (attempt to) design a dress around one of them! I used your photo on my brand-new but quickly growing fashion blog, http://ceciestlemondedelamode.blogspot.com/2009/03/wowzers.html, so keep an eye on it for great things to come and thanks for being an inspiration!
Love, Jane.

cathy said...

how exciting! your comment has made my day :)