09 February 2009

françoise hardy

francoise hardy, then and now

my french teacher this semester played a gorgeous song in class - l'amitié by françoise hardy.
1. i already love oldies in english, and regardless of language, i loved the song instantly.
2. the video itself is so simple and so beautiful. just the right side of her face (which is funny, because I just learned today that some cultures consider the left side of the body to be sinister).
3. the content of the song - friendship, and the lyrics itself are perfect. Beaucoup de mes amis sont venus des nuages. A lot of my friends came from the clouds. Clouds! I know clouds are a very common topic, but it means a lot to me because that is the one of the things I miss most about France.

60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s

i hopped on over to her official website, and she has her photo gallery sorted by decades. and she has aged so beautifully. i love how it doesn't seem as if she's fighting old age, but rather embracing it.

and her sense of style. i love love vintage clothing. they are cut to make the body look good. unlike today where clothing rarely has a good cut. and my largest weakness in life = peacoats. i nearly melted when i saw this... such a gorgeous coat.

and now i'm addicted to watching and favoriting her videos on youtube. endless fun!

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