24 February 2009

idea for a side project


i am the luckiest (ok, so it doesn't really have much to do with luck) girl on earth to go to a school that has the one, the only, the amazing harry ransom center. original manuscripts. ancient maps. first edition books. the gutenberg bible. the world's first photo. the gone with the wind costume collection. so so so many treasures. one catch - you can't physically browse the collection. you need to know what you are after in order to get it, so many students don't take advantage of it. but i know what i want - historical french cooking books! historical french costume plates! historical geological maps!

ancient recipes in my handwriting

i'm so lucky to be able to touch and feel these fragile books from the early 1900s, 1800s, 1700s, and so on that are worth thousands of dollars that I could never possibly afford. and here, i get to look at them for free! of course i can't check them out, but I can sit there for hours and browse them, and most importantly, sketch and write from them. but i am inspired by these books so much. so..., here is what happened as well as my thought process

1. i've been on a watercolor kick lately
2. i really wanted to look at old cookbooks and make recipes from them
3. you can only take in sheets of paper into the hrc
4. i thought, well, i'll bring watercolor paper so i can draw...
5. oh my gosh, i love how these recipes are worded, so i'll copy them down...
6. and after i make them, i want to paint them on these papers, so they will be visual recipe cards! and paintings too!
7. so yes. watercolor paintings with recipes. and i think it'll be fun to make food from a cookbook hundreds of years old by ancient patissiers!

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