09 February 2009

an idea hit me today

i don't sketch. i can't. i work through my ideas by actually working. a process based person, that is who i am. this used to petrify me, but i've learned to just trust myself because as long as I keep working, an idea will form and it will grow. i always have a back up plan in case an idea doesn't hit me (have to turn something in) but lately i don't need the back up plans.

jan 20th - proj assigned
feb 9th - idea hits me today.
feb 19th - project due

a good 3-4 weeks for an idea to finallly hit, but better than never!

so because i "sketch" though experimenting and playing, i've decided to document how I work this time. i think it will be fun, at the end of semester, to look back and see how my ideas evolved and jumped as I worked. and that will serve as my sketchbook.

coming soon!

yes, i went to costco and totally bought a 25lb bag of flour and a 25lb bag of granulated sugar. you know there will be sweet things happening. they had a 50lb bag of flour as well, but I couldn't lift it so I settled for 25lb. i'm curious to see how long it takes me to go through them.

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