16 February 2009

les gens de france / the people of france / 法國的人

so for round two of developing photos from the summer, I decided to focus on people. and i am surprised by how many pictures of strangers i actually like. of course when I shoot people I know, i always love the photo. but i really have a hard time enjoying pictures of strangers because I barely know them, and I always feel somewhat of a creep when I take the photo since I never ask permission.

however, one photo has completely changed my view.

picnic in ners, france for bastille day

this one. it's so perfect. the composition, the subject, the expressions, the mood - everything just aligned itself perfectly for this photo. it's changed my attitude toward portrait/people photography - i'm much more embracing of it than I was before.

and if you are ever in paris and need a break, a great place to sit and people watch is in front of the louvre. there are always people practicing and playing, and I managed to get some beautiful shots as well. nothing that made me feel as strongly as the above photo, but still enough for me to genuinely enjoy them.

the parading family.

boy, bike, and dog looking straight at the camera.

boy and dog playing. i loved watching them interact, they really epitomized the essence of a relationship between a dog and a person.

and could this guy rollerblade!

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