17 February 2009

metals rejects

just playing with the camera, and documenting my past and present thought processes in metals.

this is recent. and it is gelatin. yes, in sheet form. above is a reject piece, but it still led me to somewhere. some things i have learned. 1. do not fight it's natural form. i had envisioned the shape I wanted, but i couldn't make it what i had visualized. it wasn't until that i gave up and went with gelatin's natural form that i ended up with some beautiful things (photos later). 2. stuff is friggin' delicate!

my absolute favorite - my box of ribbons. absolutely cannot work without it, i need textiles!

as for everything below, they are the results of my exploration of form and material. they may not have worked out, but I needed to create them in order to create the successful forms that followed. and who knows, i may go back one day and use these "rejects." they are mainly from fall 2008, but some are from spring 2008 as well.

earrings that did not work out.

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