25 February 2009

mismatched socks & miso soup

something i like about myself: how i don't care when my socks don't match what i wear at all, especially when they are white with patterns and have snowmen and dogs on them. they make me happy. (and warm. (although, it did hit 80ish degrees today so it was a bit too hot for socks.))

today I made miso soup, for the 2nd time in my entire life. the first time was an absolute failure because I had it on high heat, so the soup kept evaporating, then i didn't boil soften the carrots and potatoes first, i also did not put enough miso paste so it was watery... but i've improved.

i cut out the potatos, carrots, and tofu because i'm 1) lazy 2) wanted a very light soup.

instead, i added dry fish flakes (bonito), green onions (my weakness), and asian pork meatballs (yum). and i let it simmer on a medium heat, and added in more miso paste, and it was perfect! (pictures are bad b/c i wasn't originally going to write about it, but I found the before and after of the meatballs too surprising to not mention)

the pork meatballs frozen, before.

it is IMPOSSIBLE to separate these suckers apart when frozen.

and cooked, after.

i did not know they would expand!! when i came back 20 minutes later, i was shocked at how big they had grown. reminds me of those foam capsules i'd buy as a kid that would grow into dinosaurs. fun fun.

conclusion: i'm getting better at this cooking thing!

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