11 February 2009


school is getting busy. but short posts with pictures don't take too much out of me, so I will share a cake with you!
just some sugary shots from taiwan, specifically, a bakery called pucci. though i don't know if i can call it a bakery since i've only seen it in the basements of department stores - they're definitely a chain, but don't have their standalone shops. i don't think.

the very pretty box.

i chose this cake because of all the fruit on top. the taiwanese love fruit, many many sweets here are piled on with fruit.

strawberries, kiwis, dragonfruit, grapes, apples, pineapple, and peach tops this baby. a sponge cake dusted with powdered sugar surrounds it, and the cake itself is made up of layers of cake and peaches with cream. delish. i liked how it gave an illusion of charlottes by merely adding lines to the outside layer. genius. someday, i'll use this technique as well.

yum yum. a thing to note, in taiwanese culture, it is normal to eat cake for breakfast. seriously. because most of them are so light, not too sweet, and loaded with fruit, it's often eaten for breakfast! But never bought with the intention -for- breakfast. as in, you don't wake up and go buy a cake in the morning and eat it for breakfast. only as leftovers does it count, because there are much more delicious things to buy in the morning!


kuma said...

It looks delicious!I want to try!!!

Nicisme said...

What great cakes the have there, so delicious looking!

csquad said...

it was indeed delicious, and i hope everyone can one day try them too! :D