21 February 2009

sharing and giving

giving and sharing. that is what i was trying to communicate through this piece. for art, i'm using food to show my conceptual ideas, and this is one direction I went. you have to give a part of yourself to others (by sharing) and from there it sets off a chain reaction. the more you help others, the more others will help others as well. and together, you can grow and progress. however, if you choose not to share and remain isolated, you may be beautiful by yourself, but you'll never be able to develop and ill forever remain the same.

but the non art side is: a fun way to display food and let it serve as its own dipping bowl. guests can also pick and chooose what they want to eat.

you start with the tuile bowl, then the meringue bowl filled with whipped cream, then the chocolate bowl, then the strawberry bowl, and finally, the final mix of them all. as each bowl touches another, part of it becomes part of the new bowl.

the tuile hops into the whipped cream bowl and starts filling itself with cream...

then the whipped cream (represented by meringues) and tuile become part of the chocolate bowl , and chocolate starts to cover part of them.

then they end up the in the strawberry bowl

and the end tuile bowl that us full of these new elements that weren't there in the beginning!

just another angle. note the little bits on the side that travel along with the piece - bite sized fun!

more art talk (to myself, no point in reading unless you are very bored):
1. idea of sharing was not conveyed very successfully, because i was too focused on visually representing sharing and separated it from the most obvious one: involving the audience to eat. instead I separated sharing and eating into 2 parts. since it was in a line, it read more "factory production line" than it did sharing.

2. i like the idea of how we share our cultures through our food. food is such an integral part to so many cultural customs and traditions - can you think of a festival that doesn't involve food?

3. sweets naturally have that celebratory aspect. birthdays, anniversaries, weddings - we celebrate with a cake. or a cupcake. but for example, serving cake at a funeral? it's always associated with happy things in life. and we also use "sweetie", "honey", etc as nicknames for people we like.

4. excess and elaborateness: my vocabulary, can't get away from it. i love excess. and though i believe desserts should be eaten in moderation, i love it the more and more over the top they look.

5. food psychology. this definitely piqued my interest - how we see, react, and choose to eat the things we do. the contrast between the exact same ingredients separated and then used together was brought up about this piece. kind of like how some people will refuse to eat anything mixed, and have to dissect their food and eat it piece by piece. it's a funny topic, and i'm thinking that is going to lead me to my next part.

6. Rirkrit Tiravanija. Have you heard of this guy? For him, art is not visual, it is the interaction that it brings out of people. And so, his art pieces are him cooking at galleries. Love it.

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