10 February 2009

a walk around taipei

the things you'll see on a typical stroll through taipei. specifically, "old" taipei, the west side. taipei has a subtle split between east and west. the east is new, clean, department stores, shiny, sparkly, etc. it's fun. and of course i love it. the west side is well... older. some might say it's dirty and smells bad. but i love it because it has more culture. here is where you can see the non-western world style of doing things. i love all of taipei, but I especially love this part. (of course I am biased because my grandmother lives here and this is where I stay when I come visit. and i am already used to sparkling clean america, so the newer parts of Taiwan don't make a huge impression on me.)

just some random shots from a beautiful day in december!

ribbons stacked in the window of a ribbon store. love love love. can't get enough of it.

what a stuffed mailbox looks like.

sorry, i can't resist the ribbons. spools of textile goodness = weakness.

i can only hope my posture is this good!

i love how playful the old people in taiwan are!

a baby

taiwan has graffiti too. pretty sky bue graffiti!

how a typical family gets around. i've seen up to 5 people on a moped: mom(sitting)-kid(in mom's arms)-dad(driving)-kid(standing in front)-kid(standing in front).

food stalls on the street. DELICIOUS. always. taiwan is a snacking culture, walking and eating is an integral part of life.

a typical lunch/breakfast place just crammed with all sorts of goodness.

bread tongs at the bakery. my absolute favorite thing. you grab a tray, and you grab the breads you want. no restricive health codes like the US! You actually get to interact with the food before you buy it!

a happy moped rider. check out her sweet handle covers.


kuma said...

I love your blog so much! Your pictures are so beautiful, ans the foods look good.

csquad said...

kuma: thank you so much, i'm glad you like it :)