22 March 2009


a beautiful day + a beautiful person + a beautiful ring + beautiful camera = perfection.

i know, 3 posts in one day. but they all belonged together, and i didn’t want one super lengthy post. but this shall be it for today! on an impulse, I had a friend model some of the cupcake rings for me.


it is amazing how the mood of jewelry completely changes when it’s by itself and when it’s on a person. i much prefer on a person.


and it’s even better when that person is a dear friend. a friend who is coming again next week because i will be making a quiche. a quiche with bacon. yum!

i’ll definitely be chasing down more friends with hands and ears (in other words, all!) to be my lovely models! it’s good practice, as I am more comfortable directing them since i’ve never done this before.

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