03 March 2009

books and happy news

3 people, 3 bookshelves, 3 similar personalities because we are close friends. but still subtlety  different.

personality though collection. what we collect, and how we choose to display it. starting with bookshelves, as they are something I can never resist peeking at when I’m at someone’s home. soon to branch out to other kinds of collections.


bookcathy1 bookmark1 bookmark2 bookmark3


bookvic2  bookvic4 bookvic3

in other news, life gives us lows, but also highs! Highs as in I received a research grant I had applied for! $1000.00 worth of silver to manipulate and experiment with, all courtesy of the school. i’m excited for the things that will be discovered. discovered within 2 months. school ends on may 7th. it hasn’t hit me yet that i’ll be done as an undergraduate in 2 months…!

then, life will begin!

1 comment:

Ash. Byrum said...

ummm, cathy...ou est ma collection?? I'm hurt. These pictures are really cool though. I like the animal hanging off the shelf.