16 March 2009

carrefour / 家樂福 / jia1 le4 fu4

carrefour! the walmart of the rest of the world. second to walmart in the “supermarket” area, carrefour is a french company that sells everything, cheaply. it dominates a lot of the markets in europe, south america, and asia. It has 48 stores alone in Taiwan!

“carrefour” in french means crossroads

家樂福, pronounced jia1 le4 fu4, sounds a lot like “carrefour” and must be split up to understand the literal meaning

家 jia1 = home

樂 le4 = happy, cheerful

福 fu4 = good fortune and luck

So not only does it rhyme with “carrefour” it also means “happy and lucky home.”

below is my little tour of a carrefour in taiwan.

carrefour01 what a cute hat they make their employees wear. here, this guy is stacking dried persimmons.


carrefour03 more types of delicious breads, and samples as well to munch on.

carrefour04 sweet bread filled with a light cream, then sprinkled with other toppings.

carrefour05 take your pick of milk

carrefour06 being a french company, it does not disappoint with cheese selection.

carrefour07lots of cereal as well

carrefour08as you go downstairs, note how they utilize every inch of space – the gap between the moving walkways are filled with chips!

carrefour09 chinese meats, not quite sure how to explain them, but they are cooked and ready to eat.

carrefour10 tea infused eggs for sale, as well as other meats.

carrefour11 lip gloss



and christmas trees!

(as you can see, my interest really waned as we left the food section and headed to the normal goods section)

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francoise24 said...

oh I dont speak ENGLISH, very well...but I see yous blog and i say you ...BRAVO. I dont know TAIWAN, but i know TOKYO, an d Supermarket are look like this ...