22 March 2009

the cupcake rings


december 2008 work. as i begin embracng what I adore, baking, I find that the line between art and hobby is becoming more and more blurred.


which is fine with me.


i love how school does not feel like “school” anymore. i’m only taking classes of things that I would be doing anyway. french, chinese, metals, photography, food – I don’t need school as a motivation to do any of it. i love doing it regardless.


these cupcake topper rings are about the memory of eating a cake is much more important than the cake itself. we associate sweets with so many happy events – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. ever heard of cupcakes at funerals? they’re always at happy events.


however, it’s just that. a memory. by adding an inedible object made of precious materials (silver), the person eating the cupcake gets to keep a tangible part of the food they are eating.


and each time they wear the ring, they are reminded of the event at which they ate the cupcake. so the memory is forever associated with the ring, as well as the food.


plus, i dislike heavy frosting! so it can be also be thought of as inedible frosting that has the same visual impact. anothing thing I began to think about was the interaction. i love art pieces that invite people to touch, to smell, to interact. where the viewer’s participation is part of the piece. i adored watching people eat the cupcakes and trying on rings. so for me, i want my work to interact with the people.


for the actual cupcake, i used the andes mint cupcake. so the aroma of mint chocolate was also part of the piece.


and perhaps most exciting: I sold my very first piece of jewelry from this project. a pair of spinning flower earrings. and not to just anybody. an author. gayle feldman. who is from new york, but was doing research in austin at – where else – my favorite place, the harry ransom center.


the work, without the cupcakes. a completely different feeling, without the cakes, don’t you think? they become jewelry and no longer speak about the issues I mentioned above.


Nicisme said...

Just beautiful!

cathy said...

thank you, nicisme! :)

Aurora Palesca said...

Cupcakes and rings... pure genius!! The jewelry looks just as delicious as the sweets.