31 March 2009

gel fraise

gelfraise11the story of this cake. l’histoire de cet gâteaux.

gelfraise01i have a hard time resisting anything strawberry flavored. strawberry milk. strawberry cake. strawberry chocolate. strawberry shampoo. strawberry chapstick. etc. i love anything and everything that has the word “strawberry” in it even if it is real or artificial. in fact, i adore the artificial strawberry taste! so over the summer, I found this packet of goodness in france. gel fraise? hmm? strawberry gel? of course it had to be mine.

but then I didn’t use it because it was so precious. and then it, uh, expired on february 17th. but… it’s been sealed, and stored in a cool spot, and is dry, so no biggie, right?

right. because none of my friend have died or complained of food poisoning! yay! yet. and it does not count if they complain after reading this post.

gelfraise02 i baked a génoise, or in english, a sponge cake. courtesy of pierre hermé, of course.

gelfraise03 here is a tip: when you trace a circle on parchment paper to line your pan… remember to make sure the side with the pencil marks is on the outside! don’t worry, whichever part of the cake had pencil marks was not used in the final cake, they were trimmed off and thrown away.

gelfraise04 a mix of some peach liqueur, water, and sugar for some soaking goodness.

gelfraise05straight out of the packet, here’s what that gel fraise powder looked like. those tiny chunks are bits of dried strawberries.

gelfraise06then you mix it with some warm water.

gelfraise07and fold in the best ingredient, la crème chantilly, or whipped cream.

gelfraise08and you end up with a beautiful pale pink cream/mousse to make a fraisier with. it wasn’t the “gel” i was thinking of, but it still was beautiful and tasted great.

the frasier was simple to put together. place a disk of your cake soaked in the liqueur at the bottom of a cake ring. then cut strawberries in half and line it, with the exposed sides faced outside. then pipe some cream/mousse into it. throw in some more strawberries, pipe more cream/mousse, and top with your other piece of cake. brush on some liqueur for it to soak up so it won’t be so dry. spread some cream on top, put a couple of strawberries on top, and ta-da! you have a lovely cake.

gelfraise09this cake was made and photographed in haste (two hungry tummies awaited, not including mine) so it was sloppily put together and not presented very well.  but i plan on remaking it one day, avec soin! (with care)


and half a packet yielded way too much cream for one cake, so I decided to make a charlotte to use up the rest. ladyfingers soak up not only peach liqueur but the sweet light flavor of the strawberry cream as well.

i still have half a packet of the powder left. it may be expired, but it still works and tastes fine. more cakes for sure!

edit: and here’s what I do to the pictures when I send them to friends:





Nicisme said...

I'll have a slice or two, maybe three! It looks fabulous.

hair bows said...

Looks majestic! Probably tastes magical as well. I'll have a slice too.