22 March 2009

the icing cake

icingcake01the icing cake. wearable pieces heavily influenced by my love of all things baked. copper, silver, fabric.

what started it all. sort of. In the spring of 2008, (what a long time ago…!) I applied for a scholarship that all metals students are required to apply for (but not obligated to accept). It’s called Olli Trout, and it’s between a local jeweler, Brian Mikeska, and the metals department. He supplies the silver for the proposals, the student makes 3 pieces, and the best work is kept for the UT Metals collection. Not a bad deal at all.

icingcake02butterfly rings, copper.

Back then, I had not completely embraced my love of baking. I was still embarrassed – it’s stereotypically domestic, girly, crafty, housewifely… how on earth could I dare use it in such a conceptual based school?

icingcake03corrugated earrings. my favorite – the simplicity of the texture is all that is needed. silver.

I didn’t want to apply for the scholarship. And I couldn’t think of anything to submit. So I decided I didn’t care what anybody thought, and submitted a set of icing earrings, cupcake paper earrings, and another wacky icing necklace.

icingcake04earrings, copper.

and I got it. I got the scholarship, and it snowballed.

icingcake05light as tuile ring. and just as fragile. silver.

Many things have happened since then.

1. I’m no longer afraid of silver. At that time, I had some of my own silver for a year or so – it was unused and untouched because I was so afraid of playing with something so expensive and wanted to save it for when I was ready. But I don’t think I would have ever considered myself “ready” if not for this award forcing in me to use it. And now, silver has lost that “precious use it as sparingly and carefully as possible” aura that made me so hesitant. I am able to treat it like ordinary tissue paper!

icingcake06 drop icing earrings that took me forever to make! these pushed me technically in so many ways. molds, plaster, cast, carving, all sorts of techniques were involved to get to the final result. but i learned so much about what does and doesn’t work. cast silver.

2. I began to embrace the things that truly drive me in life: baking and “crafts.” I put crafts in quotes because there is a huge debate between art vs. craft, but I feel people can debate as much as they want, all that matters is that I’m making things that inspire me and make me happy regardless of the labels from others. I no longer separate art from hobbies. By combining them, my work has exploded, work no longer feels like work, and I am so much happier.

icingcake07 necklace, silver & ribbon.

3. Do what makes you happy. Such a simple thing that I ignored.

icingcake08icing and fashion merged. earrings, silver.

The scholarship as more than about winning free silver, more importantly, it steered me into the path I always wanted but was too afraid to follow.

icingcake09my oh so lovely roommate being a model. i planned on getting more friends to model for me before posting photos, but I decided that after a year of not getting it done, i figured I still wouldn’t get it done anytime soon. but one day, for sure, they will be photographed where they belong: on the body.

And on a side note, I was in beginning French at the time, so that was yet another influence in my acceptance of things I love. Pastries, language, textiles, love love love!

icingcake10a twist on the icing drop earrings. copper.

Conclusion: a year ago, I was freaking out over graduating because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But I only thought I didn’t know what I wanted to do. My passions have always been here. And now, I have six weeks left of school. Six weeks. And I couldn’t be more excited to jump into the world and continue my dreams.

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