27 March 2009

matcha & chocolate loaf cake… five ways

matchachocolateheader these are all from the exact same batters, it’s all about how you play with shape!

i saw this recipe at bakerella’s and had to try it. my mom had brought back a packet of matcha for me, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to use it! of course… my bundt did not come out very pretty. so I ended up playing with the cake until I got a form I liked, only it took me quite a few attempts.

matcha01 matcha and cocoa powder. don’t they look like mountains?

matcha02 fail #1: i didn’t dust my bundt pan correctly or grease it. so, VERY ugly mini bundts. and i can’t get away with how they look so much like dirt and grass. i think this recipe is perfect for earth day, arbor day, recycling day, etc.


fail #2: I crumbled up those ugly bundts and I decided to try and make cake pops! after all, I was reading bakerella’s blog, which is known for her beautiful cake pops. except mine weren’t beautiful. They just looked too much like… well…. horse poop. or any animal that eats lots of grass. but they did taste good.

matcha03fail #3: decapitated cupcakes. I made cupcakes, but I wasn’t  happy with how they looked because I filled the cupcake pan with too much batter, so there was some major muffin tops happening. I decided to slice them up. and forgot to take a picture of them as cupcakes before I did it, oops.

matcha05after slicing the cupcakes, I used a cookie cutter to cut out mini squares. though, i would like to note, this cake is very “weak” and does not hold itself together very well. so be careful when trying to cut out pieces!

  matcha06 and… not a fail! success #1: a chantilly / whipped cream layered in between chocolate matcha cake, dusted with cocoa powder, then topped again with a tiny piece of matcha cake. yummy, and good looking!


success #2: then I decided to make another cake, but this time I wasn’t going to touch it. sometimes, cakes can be pretty enough without any help from the baker! i am in love with how the green is peeking out underneath the crust.

conclusion: there is no limit for how a cake can look! just keep playing around until you find something you like. and also, no matter what I did, i can’t make the indoor shots look as good as the outdoor shots. can’t beat natural daylight!

Recipe from Bakerella


Chocolate Dry Mixture
[1.5] cups all-purpose flour
[.5] cup cocoa powder
[1.5] tsp. baking powder
[.5] tsp. salt

Matcha dry mixture
[1.5] cups all-purpose flour
[3] tbsp matcha powder
[1.5] tsp. baking powder
[.5] tsp salt

Wet Ingredients
[1] cup unsalted butter, room temperature
[3] cups sugar
[3] eggs, room temperature
[1.75] cups milk, room temperature
[1] tsp vanilla

1. Combine the chocolate materials in one bowl, and the matcha materials in another.

2. For the wet ingredients, cream the butter with a mixer, then add the sugar.

3. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing each one until completely incorporated.

4. Add the milk and vanilla.

5. Divide this batter evenly into two bowls (I just eyeballed it)

6. In one bowl, as you are mixing it, gradually mix in the chocolate mixture.

7. Then do the same in another bowl with the matcha mixture.

8. Now you should have a brown batter and a green better! Aren’t they pretty? Do what you like with the batters, my advice is to alternate them when adding them to your baking pan, and then swirl them with a chopstick.

9. Bake in a 325F oven. Baking time will vary depending on thickness of your cake. Cupcakes take a lot less time than a thick loaf, so just make sure to check the doneness with a skewer before you take it out for good!


Michelle said...

Wow! So cool. That loaf of bread looks delicious...curses, I'm hungry now. I'll have to try that recipe.

Thanks for sharing!

jd said...

This is really cool!

I love that you showed how versatile one recipe can be - and everything looks so delish :)

cathy said...

thank you! :) it is indeed delicious.