10 March 2009

the monte carlo by alaine ducasse.

hpraline06 i actually made this cake a while ago, but i’m just now sharing photos of it.

hpraline02 the recipe comes from the book i am always talking about, alaine ducasse’s grand livre de desserts. the very first recipe. can you believe i bought this book last april, and it has taken me nearly a year to finally make something from it?

hpraline01i am always looking at it instead of making things from it. but i finally made something! this cake is the reason why i made hazelnut praline :) and bought a hydrometer, and learned what gianduja chocolate was, and many other things.

hpraline03then i threw in some silver and ribbon

hpraline04 as well as some gelatin sheets

hpraline05 and bows. how i love bows.

just visual eye candy :) i haven’t mastered this cake exactly, so i’m not really ready to write how to make it.

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