26 March 2009

pain couture

if only I were in paris, at the fondation cartier where Jean-Paul Gaultier decided to exhibit some new dresses… out of flour and yeast, in 2004. but i can only look at these beautiful photos. bread and fashion, two of my absolute favorite things. plus french. how could it not be perfect?

by reading various articles online, i am able to take myself back 5 years ago, to a place that had dresses and accessories sculpted out of yeasted bread (when non rising bread is usually used), where there was a real live oven where bread was baked, and a mini boulangerie where bread was sold.

luckily, an exhibition book exists, and even luckier, i go to school with a library that has a huge purchasing funds, and the most lucky, they respond to purchase requests within a few hours!


the following 3 sets were taken by Andréa Gameiro.

aren’t they gorgeous?




and this one is by David F. Gallagher .


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