01 March 2009

Alexandre Dumas – Le Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine

Could it be? Alexandre Dumas, of Monte Cristo and Three Musketeers fame, wrote a dictionary for food? I was intrigued, and also in love as I opened it up and discovered many beautiful drawings.

When I went home, I googled him, and according to Wikipedia, sure enough, it was him!

Dumas was also a prolific writer of non-fiction. He wrote journal articles on politics and culture, and books on French history.

His massive Grand Dictionnaire de cuisine (Great Dictionary of Cuisine) was published posthumously in 1873. It is a combination of encyclopedia and cookbook. Dumas was both a gourmet and an expert cook. An abridged version (the Petit Dictionnaire de cuisine, or Small Dictionary of Cuisine) was published in 1882.

Below are some of my favorite drawings, all related to patisserie and baking, of course. I was lazy and took photos of them rather than scanning them, but I think they still turned out okay.

dumas29 dumas02 dumas04

i wouldn’t mind a cake like this

dumas05 dumas06 dumas07 dumas09

i love how the jars of jam had little “bonnets” on back then!

dumas10 dumas11 dumas12


this lady is eating chocolate, yum yum.

the charcuterie, or the butcher. isn’t it gorgeous?

dumas15 dumas17 dumas19 dumas20 dumas21


you think they are cupcakes, until you see the little animal heads sticking out.

dumas24 dumas25 dumas26

love the diagram of where people sat.


me, as long as i keep eating the things i make


reineke said...

I do hope you own this:


You might find this interesting as well:


cathy said...

definitely added to my "to buy" and "to read" list! thank you :)

reineke said...

Too bad I'm on a diet. Regarding Euronews, I remember it as the second most boring channel in Europe (right after Eurosport). However, as a learning tool (which are often boring) it's perfect :)