11 March 2009

they remind me of chocolate

justlikechocolate01 first, it comes wrapped and bar shaped. (i’ve already removed the outer wrap)

justlikechocolate02 and then it consists of lots of tiny individually wrapped pieces

justlikechocolate03 which are wrapped in foil first, then paper.

justlikechocolate04visually yummy! but probably bad for the health


not part of my moleskin project, actually done before them, but i just now got around to getting them scanned.


Le Pâtissier pittoresque by Antoine Carême, 1842

i’m lucky to go to a school that owns an original copy of this book. i thought it was going to be full of pastry illustrations, but instead its full of architectural wonders created in sugar. not exactly what I was searching for, but still an inspiration to flip through.

every sheet of paper that enters the hrc has to be stamped – and i decided i liked the idea of incorporating it into my watercolors.

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