29 April 2009

cram time

metalworkspace03its cram time! I devoted all my time this semester to life (jobs, baking, etc.) and now that things are set, the focus is back on school. but I can only concentrate on one one thing at a time, and right now its metals. photo is almost done with, ind study is in my head (slightly stressed about completing that), french and chinese are OK, but metals is where i’m at right now mentally.

above is what approximately 900 USD of silver looks like. it blows my mind  how a few thin sheets of it is worth (money wise) more than any single item I have. Camera didn’t cost that much, laptop didn’t either, my car definitely did, but that doesn’t really count. the important lesson is this: apply for grants/fellowships/scholarships/etc – there is a lot of money out there hidden away, you just have to find it and apply for it! and now I am free to experiment and explore without the burden of cost.


kiwiring one of the fruit rings i made for my last crit – it’s a set of about 10 rings, but here is a small preview of what they are basically like.


metalworkspace01 i’ve taken over way too many desks, but it’s a necessity!


preview of things to come!

by next thursday, they’ll be transformed into something beautiful. and that will be the END OF UNDERGRAD! In one week!


An Carol said...

so cool this :)

Coffee and Vanilla said...

that is sooo nice... love it :)

Lizzie Chen said...

$900???!!! For real?

cathy said...

thank you thank you!
yes... silver is def one of the most expensive materials i work with. but i balance it out with the cheapest, such as apples and kiwis!