08 April 2009

creamy apple tart


On to the sweet pie crusts! I love love how easy tarts and quiches are to make (as long as you made the crust a long time ago and it’s in the freezer). They always look complicated to me, but now I know they are definitely not!

Recipe from foodbeam

3 big apples, peeled and sliced (however I only had 2 small ones.)
125ml heavy whipping cream
2 eggs
20g granulated sugar

I peeled and sliced the apples the dumb way. As in, I forgot to peel the apple first, so then I got circle cookie cutters and cut out circles to get rid of the peal. Remember, peel first, then slice! I prebaked the curst, then layered my apples on the crust. Mixed together the cream, eggs, and sugar and poured it over the sliced apples. Baked for about 20 min in a 350F oven.

appletart02 Since the apples are not “melt in your mouth apples”, they retain a slightly crunchy texture that goes perfectly against the cream.


Lately I've been baking at night, where I’ve  no more daylight. But with a hungry roommate, plus a hungry me, there’s no point in waiting until the next day for the sake of getting a nice shot outside. I’d rather make a whole new tart then not eat something for the sake of a silly photo!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Wow! Your tart looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing.

Nicisme said...

I think sweet pies are delicious and this one looks wonderful.